Custom Gemstone Jewelry


Helen Rubtsov

Hello and thanks for visiting!

I’ve been making jewelry for over 10 years now. It was a spontaneous passion that stuck, and nearly turned into a full time business – at one point I maintained a retail presence at several stores in Toronto. That was never my intention, and I gradually scaled back to where I can design and create at leisure. My collection is smaller now, but the pace allows me to be more creative and each piece is made with extra thought and care.

The Process

At the very beginning, I worked with the raw materials that were available, letting the gemstones lead me onto unknown paths. As I held the stones in my hands, the look would come together spontaneously, in my mind. As I’ve taken more control of the craft, I started sketching designs and matching colors in advance. The process of sourcing just the right materials is very exciting, almost as fun as making the finished piece.

Why Gemstones

I always felt that buying machine-made, artificial accessories of the moment didn’t make sense. Even when the cost wasn’t high – say, $35-50 for a glass-and-plastic necklace – I’d think “Why not add another $35 and get something real instead?” Choosing to work with genuine gemstones and precious metals wasn’t a conscious choice I made – there simply was no other way from the start.


I aim to create jewelry that is modern and clean. My favorite materials vary based on the season and dominating trends, but the perennial favorites are micro-faceted beads. The sea and tropical vegetation are also very inspiring.

Customer Testimonials

“Many Happy Greetings to You Helen ~
I just wanted to write you a note and tell you that I have received my necklace and earrings today. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! What a wonderful color combination, terrific craftmanship and great designs. I thank you so much for your great service and beautiful products. I will wear them proudly.

Looking forward to doing business with you again soon.

Joanne A.”

“Thanks! I got the jasper necklace – it is very beautiful” – Karyn L.

“Thank you, Helen!! I’m getting so many compliments on my wrapped pearl set!” – Michaela B.